Soft skills required

Technical skills required

Technical skills you need to have to start contributing do Minuet:

  • C++
  • Qt/QML
  • CMake
  • Some music theory knowledge (not required for some features)
  • Android (required for the Android version)
  • Windows (required for the Windows version)

Opinion by the others newcomes

About the project

Minuet aims at supporting students and teachers in many aspects of music education, such as ear training, first-sight reading, solfa, scales, rhythm, harmony, and improvisation. It is a free and open source software for music education. It is part of KDE Edu ‒ the suite of educational applications developed by the KDE Community.

  • Easily installable in most Linux distributions
  • Flexible use of any ALSA-compatible MIDI backend
  • First-run configuration wizard
  • Add your own exercises