Soft skills required

  • Proactivity, trying to solve problems before asking the community
  • Commitment to the tasks you chose
  • Respect the community.
  • Understand the differences, some people are direct, critical or seem to be rude. If you consider a message inadequate or rude, try to understand there are people from different cultures involved. Request further information if you did not get the answer received. But, respectfully, always.

Resources avaiable

Technical skills required

  • Algorithms and Object Oriented Programming skills are required.
  • The predominant programming language is Java. However, SQL is already used.
  • JabRef uses Gradle to automate the building process.
  • The code is stored in a GIT 

About the project

JabRef is written in the programming language Java. This means that it will run on most computer platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux. It is open source, which means that source code must always be available. The specific license used in JabRef is the GNU Public License and some components are licensed under the Lesser Gnu Public License. Basically, JabRef is a non-profit venture, so don't expect to get paid for your coding efforts. You can make money on JabRef by providing support services.

Resources provided by the project

You can use the following tutorial to setup your workspace

** JabRef uses Gradle to manage library dependencies and building process

Search for solutions in the mailing list and forum

Getting building errors?

Search the mailing list and forum if the issue was not resolved before

Searchable resources

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Code documentation

JabRef has no tool that offers information about the code/architecture. But, you can find useful information in the following sources:
The project does not provide any specific manner to support code -
Search on Github using their code search (check the image below) -

Submitting your contribution

Check the project's information about sending a contribution in

WHEN SENDING A PULL REQUEST: Write a nice Pull-request message, explaining what is the reason of your pull-request, and informing you followed the guidelines provided in the file.

JabRef is now hosted by Github. It follows the "Fork and Pull" approach, as other GitHub Projects. To learn more, you can check Github help page:

Lastly, fix the issues raised during the review of your pull request

Do not forget to follow

  • Add your entry to
  • Add yourself to src/main/resources/help/About.html
  • Update the list of contributors in About.html. Open About.html and add yourself below "Contributions from:"
  • Adapt the year in the header, changing the last year to the current year